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BODY MEASUREMENTS (formats accepted - kg/lbs and cm/inches)

1 - Body Measurement > Height

2 - Body Measurement > Weight in Kilograms or Pounds

3 - Body Measurement > Chest Round

4 - Body Measurement > Waist Round

5 - Body Measurement > Hips Round

6 - Body Measurement > Thigh Round

7 - Body Measurement > Calf Round

8 - Body Measurement > Ankle Round

9 - Body Measurement > Leg Length (measured from waist line where pants are worn to midpoint of ankle bone)

10 - Body Measurement > Bicep Round

11 - Body Measurement > Forearm Round

12 - Body Measurement > Wrist Round

13 - Body Measurement > Upper Body (measured along body from middle point on top of shoulder to waist line)

14 - Body Measurement > Arm Length (relaxed stance with arms at your side, measure along body from back of neck (middle), over shoulder and down the arm to middle of wrist bone)

15 - Body Measurement > Two Arm Length (measured along body from middle of wrist bone, around back to other wrist bone with arms held up in front of you, relaxed stance, no stretching)

YOUR JUDOGI MEASUREMENTS (formats accepted - cm/inches)

Armpit Measurement (measure to middle point of rounding of armpit)


Script by Dagon Design

To get the best fitting gi for you, please use the form to provide your body measurements and existing gi measurements. Please measure yourself referring to the diagrams below. All measurements are relaxed measurements, no flexing or stretching.

Along with your current gi measurements we would require your feedback as to how your current gi fits based on your personal preference. The more information provided the more accurate we can fit you.

* Attempt to have assistance with the body measurements to ensure accuracy. It has been found that measurements are affected if attempting measuring both arm and leg lengths by yourself.

** Advise as much information as possible. More information gives us a more accurate insight of what is required.

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Body Measurements for judo Uniform Fit

Your Judogi Measurements for Judogi Fitting