September 16, 2011
Fushida's New Online Store

Fushida is proud to announce the launch of its new online store. Visit the store at

June, 2011
Team Fushida on Podium at 2011 World Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Congratulations to Team Fushida members for their great performances exhibited at the 2011 World Jiu-Jitsu Championships this past weekend. Isaac Doederlain (Gracie Humaita) narrowly misses an opportunity at the Gold medal by taking a loss in the semi finals by only a referee decision. So close!! Isaac closes the day with a 3rd Place finish. Radhames Familia, Jr.(Tim Burrill BJJ) got close, but took a loss in the quarter finals in his approach to the podium. Great achievements by both these players... Keep up the hard efforts you guys put in during training!!

Isaac Doederlain

June, 2011
BIG weekend for Team Fushida at the 2011 Canadian Senior Judo Nationals

All Fushida athletes reached the podium... Stéfanie Tremblay reached the top with a gold medal finish (-63kg div) Blake Tsuyuki narrowly missed the top spot in the finals and finished with silver (-60kg div) Kata team...John Morris/Stephen Duran got top honours with a Gold finish in Nage-no-Kata. Congratulations to all...superbly done. Keep up the hard work on the mats!!!

Blake Tsuyuki