Fushida® was founded in Vancouver, Canada in early 2006, through our passion and commitment for the martial arts.
We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of quality and design possible in our products.
At Fushida® we strive each and every day to reach higher standards, and set new cutting edge limits in the industry.

Products designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards we can achieve.
Giving back to the community, the athlete, the sport.
Taking care of our customers.
Strive for unlimited customer satisfaction.
Doing the right things is a must.
Building strong relationships with all...in and outside the sport!

"in spiritu et veritate" is more than a verbal promise and vision of our brand. We are always inspired to showcase an individual sense of style, with dynamic visual graphics and the highest quality materials.
At Fushida® we strive to provide more than just a sense of fashion to our customers....but a true lifestyle of being part of more than just a brand. We are family!

At Fushida® it takes an indefinite time for a product to be approved for availability to our customers.
Our technology team works countless hours with professional athletes, to ensure our apparel and training gear is refined and improved to set new standards and ensure customer approval.
Our design & technology team works hand in hand to understand the desire of our fashion conscious customers that are influenced by the lifestyle and spirit of the Fushida® brand.